Jim Bradley

Pawtucket, RI

I was born in Cumberland, RI and now live in Pawtucket, RI.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been creative…drawing, painting, building, you name it. My current work consists of unique psychedelic-like paintings that utilize poured resin, inks and pure pigments as the medium. My artwork contains beautiful details that arise from my intuitive process and keen eye for design. Most of my creations are the result of pure improvisation and experimentation, if you will, between me and my work.

“(With this process) one cannot hesitate or worry about the outcome. The process is fluid, intense, and at times unforgiving. The successful pieces capture a snapshot in time which cannot be replicated in exactly the same way ever again. When working, my aim is to let the piece flow from within to create objects of pure pulchritude while allowing myself to slip into that calm place in my mind I only can get to when I’m engaged in my work.”

Creative Process

Featured Work

Waves of Blue Resin on Canvas 


94 Degrees Resin on Canvas 


Not Navy Resin on Canvas 

Opalescent Resin on Canvas 

Specter Resin on Canvas 

Liquid Night Resin on Canvas 


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